Factory Location

     OREON Life science co., Ltd. provides the roadmap of infrastructure required to manufacture

     sutures by importing and distributing bio-polymers which is the raw material of suture. We are

    consistently trying to improve the quality of the products with ongoing research and development

    for the goal of implementing the market needs from all around the world. We are specially focusing

    on the suture with spiral barb formed on the outer circumferential surface of thread based on a

    patent  registered in December 2012 and we are further developing different types of Rainbow     

    thread, a polydioxanone (PDO) and a poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) suture through application of the             

    patented technology of our company.

·  Highest Quality Guarantee

    - CE: All product types of PDO and PLLA are CE approved

    - GMP and ISO13485/9001 certified

    - Specialized manufacturing process: Differentiated vacuum drying and packaging process is applied

      to ensure the duration of a biodegradable polymer which is a main raw material. (product quality

      improvement is performed by thorough humidity control system in a vacuum environment in           

      consideration of material’s vulnerability to the O2 and H2O)

·  Diversified Complete Product Portfolio

    - Differentiated by providing CE approved PLLA in addition to PDO

    - All different cog types presented in the market are available

    - Consistent development of new products: Molding Cog (Whole cutting suture), Dual Needle and etc.

·  Stable Manufacturing Foundation

    - Established in January, 2013

    - 2 manufacturing sites, many years of business experience together with qualified human resources

      in manufacturing and development areas.

Manufacturing Process