Polydioxanone(polydioxanone : PDO) is a polymeric substance in which Polydioxanone is combined by catalyst and heat, and is a biodegradable synthetic polymer. PDO is a biodegradable suture being used on surgery suture. It is biodegraded by hydrolysis for 6 to 8 months, and the finally degraded is emitted by urine. And the remained is emitted by carbon dioxide form. Absorbable polydioxanone suture has outstanding flexibility

that is able to minimize the unnaturalness and foreign substance feeling of the face expression that could break out after treatment. It does not

cause toxicity, caused tumor, allergy, adverse reaction of the immune system, and even

exothermic reaction. therefore, It can minimize tissue reaction.

  PLLA(Poly L-Lactic Acid)

PLLA (Poly L-Lactic Acid), is an excellent biodegradable material with high bio-

absorbability and organic compatibility. PLLA is harmless to human body where

it is absorbed, degraded, and discharged by the metabolism. PLLA is a safe

substance approved by FDA and it is beneficial for the human body and it has

been for more than 30years as a medical material for membrane (tissue

regeneration), disposable injection devices, surgical suture and surgical sealant.

After 1month from inserted, collagen start to form around PLLA and then PLLA

gradually degrade and induce collagen generation. In 18 ~24months PLLA will

completely degraded and substituted by collagen. The excess will excreted in the urine.


                                  PDO  Poly-dioxanone

                            PLLA  Poly L-Lactic Acid