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Purified product yields minimize side effects by eliminating uncreated materials. Performed ideal washing process to achieve greater safety of the product. Specialized washing process allows consistent product properties (Osmotic pressure, PH) BDDE residual and Endotoxin levels are near zero, below detection limit, increasing patient safety.

Preclinical Test Result
Category Standard Result
Appearance Transparent and colorless viscous liquid with no foreign substances Satisfied
pH 6.8 ~ 7.5 6.83
BDDE Residue Maximum 2.0ppm 0 ppm
Heavy Metal Maximum 10.0ppm Below 10ppm
Injection Force Maximum 30N 14.9
Osmotic Pressure 200 ~ 400 mmol/kg 318mmol/kg
Volume Minimum 1.0mL 1.07~1.09mL
Aseptic / Toxic Aseptic / Toxic Satisfied
Endotoxin Below 12.5 EU/mL Below 0.02 EU/mL


AESSOA is applied with a special technology called Dap Dancing Technology to increase elasticity through physical crosslinking This technology helps to prolong the longevity of HA.


High viscoelasticity allows to maintain good volume for a long duration

Frequency Sweep Test
Test Condition
Analysis Equipment KINEXUX Pro+
Model : KNX2212 Serial No : MAL1183889
Target temperature 25℃
Start frequency 0.1 Hz
End frequency 10 Hz
Shear strain 1.0%
Samples per decade 10
Frequency Sweep Test result
Frequency Sweep Test result

Dap Dancing Technology

Increases elasticity through physical crosslinking, Prolong the longevity of HA

High-Density Dapping Process

= specialized manufacturing process

Increase of Viscoelasticity
Analysis Result
Vibrate Viscosity at 0.1Hz Viscosity Change(%)
Before Vibration (Initial) 189.9 Pa -
After Vibration (10mins) 193.5 Pa 1.89
After Vibration (20mins) 207.0 Pa -


AESSOA has a consistent injection force which allows uniform and smooth injection, reduceing tissue damage and improving the safety of the procedures.

Convenience Extrusion Force

Consistent extrusion force allows smooth injection, therefore, increased convenience

Extrusion Force

Ref. Manufacturer research institute

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